Caught up in what is true

for you

doesn`t make it easy.

Spun a yarn,

proclaiming it was pure silk.

Worm, or spider,

you are just not it.

As you approach the heat,

it melts to your skin.

Looks like you’re selling

polyethylene again.

Break down your words

into simple and convenient


Mouth open,

but nothing getting in.

You would save the world,

but then again.

You’re selling wind and solar,

as if they were the truths you seek,

instead of pride and pyramid schemes.

Chemical off-gassing

must be affecting your dreams.

All I smell is polyethylene.

Break down the Earth some more.

Seems like your words

are paid by the letter.

Must be the way you say,

“The Climate.”

with the same inflection

as every lie before.

One hand in the honey pot,

the other pointing at the sky,

screaming that we’re all gonna die.

Funny thing is,

you’re right.

None of us is getting out of here alive.

Problem is,

you’re getting rich off all your schemes.

Every single device is deceived.

The only thing common to these,

is they’re filled with polyethylene.

Turns out it’s just a magic show.

All illusions, as you know.

We’ve come so far,

so far to go.

Imagine we’ll see even more.

The real substance that’s a threat

is the snake oil that you sell.

Weaving all your lying threads

in synthetics, we can tell.

Not the last mask we’ll ever see

made of polyethylene.



DJR – 2023

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