In a Cage

Erasing what I was

won’t stop who I will be.

Doesn’t change what I am,

living in entropy.

I can see the tears

running down.

I can read the anger

on your face.

This is where two worlds collide,

occupying time and space.

So different, but the same.

We lose our minds.

We go insane.

Trying to be the thing

that we were,

not realizing it’s all been burned.

and all the blood we’ll spill

doesn’t mean a thing

if we don’t think on

what tomorrow brings.

Control the past

and control the present.

Only so if we both stay engaged.

How do I control you in this moment?

Use the past to keep your mind enraged.

While I build some bars around your future,

like a lion locked up in a cage.

If I can use all your time against you,

I can make you feel anything.

We such easy beings

to lead.

Push us, like the herd

towards our feed.

A little persuasion

is all we need.

A little disinformation

plants the seed.

So, I’ve watched you burn my past.

Let you set a fire

in my wake.

I won’t be controlled

by my yesterdays.

Own the here and now.

Nothing you’ve arranged

for me will pan out.

I’ll go my own way.

and I recommend

you do the same.

Stop living

like a lion

in a cage.

DJR – 2023

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