The Fallen and The Fall


Here we are again.

No worse,

or cursed for wear.

It’s all as it should be.

We look and find it there.

The fallen and the fall

are two distinctive times.

No one is asking, anymore.

No reason, or no rhyme.

All our sullen days

have passed away.

Here in our final phase

the peace remains.

The sun shines on our skin

as we await the flames.

We don’t care if the world

remembers our names.

We stood on high,

but we came down.

Our broken wings,

our dented crowns.

Learned to live here,

on the ground.

Now in the dawn,

a trumpet sounds.

The Judgement rides.

The King is nigh,

with an army

at his side.

And we understand it all.

We are the fallen

and the fall.

We’ve known no peace.

We seek no rest,

until all that we have left

is this sweet

time at the end.

A cleansing fire, Heaven sent.

We have no thought

for what is next.

After it all,

we’ve left the nest,

after the fallen

and the fall.



DJR – 2023

2 thoughts on “The Fallen and The Fall

  1. Beautifully written! The imagery really drew me in. I’m curious, what was the inspiration behind this poem? It feels like it could have a deeper meaning beyond the surface.

    Yoy E.

    1. Thank you very much for reading and commenting! I’m not sure about the inspiration, to be honest. I try to write from my subconscious, so I often do not have an idea of what a piece may be until I start writing it. I try my best to let the pieces be what they are and not get in the way. This one has themes of resignation, and redemption. Perhaps even fallen angels grow weary of this world and wish for the end to come? Maybe we have to let the darker parts of our nature play themselves out, to know who we truly are? Honestly, I don’t know. But I am glad that the piece spoke to you.

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