Something Poetry


Don’t give me the same old words.

Give me something different;

something poetry.

Don’t tell me the same old lies,

with words longer than a heartbeat.

Give me something simple.

Small words with big meanings.

Don’t make me guess

at the rhythm of your soul,

let me hear it in the cadence

of your words.

Stop with the politics.

Just. Fucking. Stop.

Quit giving constant lip service

to your enemies,

and verbal reach-arounds

to your so-called “followers.”

Tell me how you really feel,

what you really think.

Something real.

Something true.

Something poetry.

Stop blaming your past

for your lack of words.

You find words just fine

when its time to make excuses.

I don’t care

if it’s your fault,

or your father,

or the doctors,

or the war.

We’re here now

and you need to tell us

what is in you,

what is missing,

and what you need.

Because we all need something.

So sick of watching

everyone put on masks,

trying to hide themselves

from the brutal,

beautiful truth.

I can’t live that way, anymore.

I won’t.


I need something from you.

Something more than you’ve ever given.

Something deep.

Something true.

Something new.

Something poetry.



DJR – 2023

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