Being Darkness

Remember what spit you out.

What made you.

What long ago,

dark and fetid breath

convinced you

to be what you were.

That thing you loathed.

Now, you are something else,

but you still can’t forget

being darkness.

Blissful in ignorance.

Lit on fire,

hedonism burns

in rainbow flames.

The thought that you

might one day

owe the world anything

is anathema to you.

Struggle with your chosen kind

to make a place that makes sense,

but reality

cannot be escaped,

and all choices have just results.

Remember your failure.

Remember when you spoke,

and words, and deeds

came back to haunt you.

Those lessons held

no value then.

Only now,

in the light of this

golden morning

can you know

the things

that being darkness taught you.

Wipe away the tears

and find a smile.

Small concessions,

not much recompense.

To be here,

in the glow of today,

looking forward

will have to be enough.

It has always been

the light

that comforts

those who return

from being darkness.

DJR – 2023

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