Mental Health Monday – 04.10.23


How do we know that we are doing is correct? How do we know that the actions we choose to engage in will be fulfilling to us? How can we not make mistakes?

Well, we can’t. Not really. Sure, we can learn from our previous decisions, we can analyze outcomes of our past mistakes and try to avoid making the same ones. We can watch other people. By reading, or studying, or asking questions, we can meter our ambitions in concert with what others have experienced. We can “learn from the mistakes of others,” which is valuable.

Ultimately, though, we just have to go for it. Here’s the thing about human beings, we’re tougher than we think we are, but we can get out over our skis pretty quick. If we have a dream, a want, or a desire that we wish to pursue, we have to go for it. We have to have the courage to take a leap of Faith and consequences be damned. Only in the aftermath will we be able to truly calculate whether the risk yielded the reward we were seeking.

Does this mean we ought to take dumb risks on the off chance of rewards? No, of course not. “Stupid but fun” is still stupid. Everything has consequences, and there may be consequences that we do not see or aftereffects of a decision that may not present right away. A “leap of Faith” does not mean stepping blindly out in ignorance. It means doing all we can and then trusting in God that we are doing the right thing.

It’s a fine line, bravery, and stupidity, but if we do our due diligence, we can take calculated risks that can lead us forward on our journey without fear. As for me, I’m pretty sure I have a few more “stupid but fun” moments ahead of me, but I think I have learned the difference between that and courage. At least, I hope so.

Have a great week.

Be safe.
Be well.

Much Love.


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