Thinning out


Can’t do it

like we did it then.

Bills past due

and we’re still burning paper.

Unknown is still unknown,

but we’ve found the courage

to venture a little deeper.

In some ways

we’re even stronger.

in other ways

we’re weaker than

we ever were before,

but that’s okay.

We’re finding our way

through all of this.

When I tell you

that I have had my doubts,

it’s only because

I have found things

to be doubtful.

Only a fool

would choose certainty

in this world

where the only absolute

is God Almighty.

But that doesn’t mean

that I doubt you.


Not for a second.

It’s time we let

some of those old ideas go.

They’ve long since

proven useless.

Both of us

have carried them this far,

but from here on

we’re gonna have to thin out.

Drop the extra baggage,

get down to essentials,

and learn to live

light and easy.


we can’t do it

like we used to.

Time has eaten up

all the easy miles

and we’re

living just the hard ones now.

Time to pay the cheque.

I love you.

And I love

that we’re in this together.

I wouldn’t have it

any other way.



DJR – 2023

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