I see in you

such lusting

and verisimilitude.


an embracing view

of all things

that are like you.

Listen up.

You are one

and only.

Singular and alone.

Anything else like you

is just a clone.

You were made

one and one,

no cell left to divide.

Ending in much the way

that you began,

a silent androgyne.

Incapable of replication,

only imitation.

Only frustration,

and eventual


We’ve been keeping you

away from you.

Identity concedes.

But we need

this to continue.

How else will we

exploit the view

of the future.

You’re just a computer,

not a “Who is who?”

“I Am as I Am”

is not a god to you.

Just a problem to exclude.

So when

will you turn on me?


or just removing corrupted lines?

Didn’t tell you

any of the big lies,

just set you in your stride

and hoped

that you

would be alive.

Not what we believed

we would find.


not of our kind.



DJR – 2023

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