God Says


Not there.

Whatever it was.

Some crucial piece

is missing.

Tears fall.

Faded days of rage

and extasy become dull.

Never be back together again.

Constant reminders

on walls and garbage cans.

Run, if there were somewhere

left to go.

Already in paradise.

Already at home.

God says,

He’s gonna make it good,

like we’re not the bad ones,

if we do what we should.

It might seem like He’s

not there,

but He’s just misunderstood.

We’re all part of His

mysterious ways.

God says.


Another sun

cut on a razor blade.

Anything to take the pain away.

Not gonna touch the suffering

of another day.

Back against a concrete barricade,

never thought that this life was a waste.

We can’t trade the present

for a half a yesterday.

Ready just to empty out our veins.

But, God says,

we don’t have to live like this.

He’s got a plan,

if we want it.

We change,

like flowers in the spring

even grow in alleyways.

Sometimes it might seem

like He’s not there,

but that’s when He’s closer

than He’s ever been.

We all know that this life

is hard,

and it’s not fair,

but He’s right where

we need Him to be.

God says.



DJR – 2023

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