Blast Radius


Which way does the wind blow?

Moving perpendicular to the slope.

Drop and avalanche,

watch it go.

Get out of the spillway.

Evacuate the blast zone.

Mushroom cloud,

bright and loud.

We weren’t gonna make it,


Too loud.

Too proud.

A few too many

hungry mouths around.

Typical excuses for lust,

and every kind of broken trust.

Excuses made

are lies to us.

Ashes return to ashes,

for a creature fashioned from the dust.

What does it matter

if we make it from

the fallout?

Was there ever any doubt

what come out of our mouths

is the thing we’re most wrong about?

Trying to take

the safest track

in amongst

the waste and ruin.

The effective radius

of our hate is

pretty fucking amazing.

What are we doing?

Common sense is a disease

to which

we’ve acquired immunity.

It seems

we’ve all lost to some degree

our ability to see.

The other way,

the other side.

All we do is deny

that the mountain is coming down

on our town.

The decision’s been made.

it’s, “Bombs away!”

No tomorrow,

or yesterday,

if we can’t figure out

how to make our way

out of the blast radius.



DJR – 2023

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