Wake to the sound

of water running down.

Ice melting,

sun warm and inviting.

Nothing left

of winter’s long affliction,

but the little bit of ice

on the rooftops.

Open up the eyes.

Sun is shining

for what feels like

the first time

in a lifetime.

Tempting us

up and out of bed,

like our mother’s voice,

or the smell of baking bread

wakes the memories in our heads.

Something warm

invites us

to dream in daylight

and hope what we thought

not but morbid shadows cast

only last week,

or even yesterday.

Snow melts,

revealing the ground

where we will plan our future,

raise our young,

and plant our culture.

Sky hides nothing.

All her secrets

blue for the scrying.

Soon she will send clouds.

Days of rain will seem welcoming

to seeds and saplings.

Hopes and dreams,

Protected from the screens.

Sheltered from obscene memes,

because there are still things

that need

to be pure.

Water from the sky,

light in our eyes,

on this golden morning.

Still surprised

how much joy

these days bring.

Birds singing,

“We’re alive!”



DJR – 2023

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