Mental Health Monday – 04.03.23


Dreams and cherished memories.

We all have them. The little things that we remember that make us smile. It might be a mother’s love, a sibling’s laugh, a summer memory as a kid. It might be the birth of a child, a lover’s smile, or some amazing place you’ve been.

It may be a dream of tomorrow, a day without sorrow, a life without sickness, or pain. It might be a new lover, a hunt with a brother, or a moment of peace in your brain.

Sorry. Poetry is kind of a thing I do.

Rhyming couplets aside, we need these dreams and these pleasurable memories. They are the fuel that get us through the dark times. They are the reason for discipline and struggling towards something greater.

They might seem insignificant to others. They might be little things we’ve never told anyone else about, for fear of having them diminished. They are treasures that we protect. Little warm coals that we can bring out in the darkest, coldest moments of our lives to keep ourselves from succumbing to the world.

They are the “Happy Thoughts” that make pixie dust work so that we can go to Neverland. The magic that catalyzes our souls and our minds into something magical. It could be that they are the small part of our spirit that remains untouched from the world. Whatever they are, we all have them, and they’re important.

So, keep your good memories and dreams close. At best, we might find someone to share them with. At worst, they bring us comfort and keep us moving forward. Probably, the most inspiring thing for me is that there are new dreams to chase and new favorite memories to be made. I just have to keep going.

Second star to the right, and straight on ’till morning.

Have a great week.

Be safe.
Be well.

Much love.


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