The Starting Gun


Looking for that high again.

Always chasing the rhythm.

Just trying to get a foothold.

Revel in the starting gun.

Push to gain momentum.

When the body is in motion,

the mind is truly free.

Something in the synergy

of pushing the pace.

The beat of the machine,

feet on the ground,

but it feels like flying.

It feels amazing.

Remember when you were a child.

How it felt to run.

Racing through the neighborhood,

through the forest,

through the day.

Now, not even pills can fill you

with that same kind of exhilaration.

You push harder,

and farther,

but only find denial.

Time to put your shoes on,

left and right,

tie them tight,

and step out in the morning.

This is gonna suck.

You’re older and out of shape,

but the feeling out there

will not catch itself.


like your life depends on it.

Because it does.

And the feeling of being free

is like a drug.

Catch the cadence.

Work the machine.

Breathe free,

and be




DJR – 2023

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