April Fool’s Day

has come and gone,

and I’m still sitting here,

hanging on.

Emperor of lost time,

and missed opportunities.

King of foolish pride,

trying to find continuity.

Struggle as I might,

to catch the next wave,

hook the next line.

I’ve been a broken clock,

right twice a day,

but that’s not enough.

Greet the morning,


that the biggest obstacle

that I’ll face today

will be myself.

So strange to see the world,

lingering just out of reach.

Or am I out of touch?

Take it back to basics.

Face it,

the only way forward

is to find True North

and take it.

One more step.

One more ride.

Remember what it’s like

to feel alive.

Sitting still just lets the demons

catch your stride.

Break them off my spine

with another hard push

towards that hidden finish line.

No more time

for reflection.

The coffee’s almost gone.

Time to get after it.

Time to get it on.

It’s okay to doubt and wonder,

but don’t dwell on it too long.

The day is young

and promise

rises with the dawn.



DJR – 2023

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