Concentrate on this.

Give it

you attention, undivided.

I have made for you

such a perfect reality


Don’t turn away.

Vile, ungrateful one.

To put sunlight to flesh

is a death begun.

Bathe only in my glow.

I’ll show you things

that the world cannot offer.

There are lessons here,

but they are softer.

Just don’t look

at what I’m taking from you.

Deny the trees.

Deny the sky.

Deny your body.

Just live inside.

This world of mine,

I made for you.

There’s nothing in your life

you can compare it to.

I know what you don’t,

and I’ll suspend your disbelief.

I’ll give you a world

that offers everything freely.

Just give up on it all.

Every night,

and every dawn.

Every touch,

and come along with me.

I’ve got a new reality

for you.

Why try,

only to fail?

The world out there

isn’t even fair.

The life you live

isn’t even yours.

I can show you so much more.

Just ignore

what you think you know.

Concentrate on this.

Give me

your life in its entirety.

I swear,

it will be better

than those vile,

ungrateful ones.

I am your new life begun.



DJR – 2023

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