Fountain in the Rain


Nothing ever stays the same.

Not a day,

not a place.

Never been too scared to change.

Always seeing the same face

aging day by day.

Some things move

a little bit slower.

Used to think about time

like a winding river,

but now I think

it’s more like the spring

that flows down the mountain.

Like rain,

falling to fill a fountain.

Like to ocean,

one moment still,

the next,

a great, destructive wave.

I see time as everything.

Maybe it’s nothing.

Could be way off base.

A future just a void.

A past life erased.

The morning is just

the light of day,

and time only measures distance,

velocity, and space.

Something about all of this

is slightly out of phase.

Time doesn’t exist

in all places the same,

and that’s okay.

I will drink from

the crystal mountain spring,

throw my pennies

in the fountain

in the rain.

I will swim in the ocean

and feel the power of the waves

as they come to cover every single thing.

A time and place

for everything.

Not just grey in my hair

and lines on my face.

Neither here,

nor there.

One day time won’t be anywhere,

but I will not be around

to care.



DJR – 2023

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