I wanted to tell you something,

but now, I can’t remember

the meaning of the words,

or the disposition

of the mind behind them.

Did something distract me

from getting them out

there and then?

Lord knows, I can be flighty.

Was it the look in your eyes

that held my tongue,

as if my words were serpents

and you just stood there,


Perhaps it was my own mind

that played my fears against me,

warning me that words

would be caustic in this moment.

Was it something from within me

that sewed my lips shut,

so that I would not speak?

Cautious care?

Cowardly fear?

Simple avoidance?

Doesn’t matter much now,

the moment is long past,

and you have moved along

without the benefit,

or burden of my council.

I wish I could remember

what they were.

Part of me believes

they were important.

at least,

they were to me.

But if that were true,

then why would I forget them?

Could it be that they are still there?

Lost down some forgotten

memory hole?

If they come back to me

in time,

would I get a chance to tell you?

If I did,

would I speak,

or would I remember

in that moment


I never said them

in the first place?

I think I remember, now.

Yes, I have them.

There you are.


Mouth opens.



DJR – 2023

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      1. Can I post some of the things that you write? I don’t want to infringe upon your talent but I have no talent and a need to put things on my site.

  1. Sir, I am wondering if it would be all right to post your you’re excellent writings to my post. You see I have much to say and I can’t get words out, at least to where they’d make sense and I would like my sight to be something that people would want to come to and enjoy! Man I know there’s a whole lot out there who would enjoy yours let me know what you think thank you sir

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