Yellow Cab


Suffer a brief comfort.

Don’t let the mind engage,

just render wide detachment.

This is the pedestrian corridor,

where random thoughts flow through.

Best not to impede them.

The larger goal,

the greater task

still exists.

This is just the brief moment

while we wait

for the light to turn green.

There’s no need to grab hold

of some random person

and start madly off in a new direction.

There is no need to even wonder

who they are in the throng,

where they are going,

or what they are thinking.

Just sit

in this warm taxi.

The March air is still cold

and it’s nice not to be out

in the elements for a change.

No. Let the throng advance.

The taxi begins to roll forward

and there are things ahead

that require our attention.

The people on the street

become less curious creatures

the faster we go,

until we don’t even see them

from the back seat

of our yellow cab.



DJR – 2023

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