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No difference anymore.

We used to find

a strong delineation

between day and night.

But now,

what used to stalk us in the dark,

follows us into the light.

We gained the power to live

in our dreams,

but nightmares seeped in

through the seams.

We wanted it all,

and beggars ask

only to receive.

Barter away our humanity

to call ourselves deities.

But we are such as these,

lost children,

playing make believe.

Not knowing the consequences

of our senses,

or how to retrieve

truth from the lie.

Our most perfect alibi

is to say,

“We were just pretending

this whole time.”

We need to dream to die.

To live.

All we must do is open our eyes,

but that’s where the nightmares

now reside.

No taking it all back,

no compromise.

We unleashed the monsters

in our minds,

because we’re too afraid

to face them,

chase them down

and erase them.

And now, they might just erase us.

Ashes to ashes.

Dust to dust.

Everlasting to everlasting.

The last thing we wanted,

but this is how we ended up.

Can we dream a new dream

that fixes all of this?

Can we close the seams

with a stitch,

and get back to living

how we’re supposed to live?

The only way to see

is to be the way it is.

Let the dreams return

to the nighttime,

and take all the nightmares

back behind the line.

We tore the veil,

but we can repair it.

The life is hard,

but we can bear it.

Our dreams will await

the day

we cross over the stage

to the other side.

Until then,

we carve the line deep

in the stone and sand.

One world for the living.

One world for dreams.

Day and night

and life in between.



DJR – 2023

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