“It’s Gonna Be a Hot summer.”


Watching it all crash down

in beautiful waves of radiation.

See the fashion trends,

bruises covered,

and skin sloughing,

laugh at the rainbow nights,

and the blaze in the atmosphere.

This season’s apparel

will be hazmat suits

left over from the last apocalypse.

This time it’s the real thing.

No masks,

but everyone covers up

the lesions on their face,

and douses themselves in perfume

to cover the smell of slow rot.

Blue, and pink, and purple hair

falls out in clumps.

Round and round

the media circles the maypole,

counting down the days to our destruction,

as we pile our dead high in the streets.

Gather under the fallout

of our empathy.

Empty packets of Potassium Iodide

litter the streets,

for we have been long

under this atomic summer sun.

“We defeated Fascism!”

screams a naked man,

streaming live on Disney Plus,

until he loses his bottom jaw,

and falls silent.

Evening comes,

and the sickly green glow

ushers everyone to their homes

before the CHUDS come out.

This will be one for the books.

If there is anyone around

left to read them.

The skeletal hand

of our species

reaches for its full potential.


we hit the beaches

to soak up the shockwaves.

Man, I love summer.



DJR – 2023

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