Singing to Myself


Singing to myself.

Trying to drown out

the ever-present sound

of Heaven coming down.

That high transistor whine

of some electrical device.

This world used to be quiet.

Now, it hums like its alive.

The ringing in my ears.

The voices in my head.

Good thing I know the lyrics,

or by now I’d be dead.

Singing to myself.

Getting pretty loud.

Getting heavy, now.

Starting to have to shout.

The angels are at war.

The bombs are going off.

Not sure this world

can take much more

before all is lost.

The androids write the words

we all seem to recall.

Everything’s synthetic,

just humming right along.

Singing to myself.

Screaming the words out.

Not even sure they count.

The crowd has been dumbed down.

A machine now runs the world.

Some high technology.

It’s burning it all down,

but nobody can see.

Nobody can hear,

but they’re all singing, too.

The words don’t make sense.

The rhythm is confused.

There’s no stopping

what’s coming to be.

We’re all going to find out

what the sounds

we’ve been making with our mouths

really mean.

Just singing to myself.



DJR – 2023

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