Love You


Don’t overcomplicate it.

Just like you to

trip over yourself.

No one else

is setting you up for failure.

You do you oh, so well.

Why design a life

devised to incite

such desperation?

Leaving yourself

hung out on the line.

You deserve better

than this degradation.

What on Earth could I do

to change your mind?

So generous,

and always think of others,

while you wonder what the world’s

thinking of you.

But no one can improve your situation,

except the one who’s walking in your shoes.

I cannot explain

just how heartbreaking

it is to watch you hurt.

It’s like you’ve never known,

or never been shown

what you’re worth.

And when I try to tell you,

you reject me out of hand.

What can I do

to help you understand?

You are beautiful,

and loved.

You are appreciated,

oh, so much.

You are funny,

and you are kind.

You are strong.

You are divine.

You’re in control

of your whole life.

I wish you could see you

through my eyes.

It isn’t easy.

Yes, I know,

but you are worth

every effort,

even so.

Don’t over complicate it.

It’s easy to do.

Just live your life

as if

you love  you.



DJR – 2023

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