Breaking Even

Put it down tonight.

You want trouble?

Well, you’re gonna find it.

Everything will be alright

if you can put aside

all the heart behind it.

That chip on your shoulder

tell me all I’ll ever need to know

about you.

You’re the one who felt the lash,

and then couldn’t wait

for your turn as “Master.”

You’ve been saving up your pain,

a little everyday,

waiting for the moment

you get to unleash your rage,

but it’s killing you inside.

You’re gonna die

before you get even.

There is no revenge,

there’s only you

becoming the thing you claimed to hate.

Everyone wants to think

that their suffering is Holy.

Everyone wants to think

that they’re righteous in their cause.

Self reflection is difficult and boring.

It’s easier to blame the world

than fix your flaws.

Put it away today.

You want a war?

Well, you’re gonna get it.

Everyone gets everything they want,

living just long enough to regret it.

Lucky if they see where they were wrong.

It’s the same old song.

Pain is a shitty way

to get even.

Revenge is a dish,

best discarded.

You’ll never hold victory

with your mouth.

Taking it out on the world

means the world wins again.

Blame it on the Devil,

blame it on God,

all it costs you is everything.

Let go of all that pain within you.

Give up the hate that fills your mind.

All paths in that direction lead to sorrow.

There is no breaking even in this life.

DJR – 2023

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