Wind and Stone


What is the nature

of our struggle?

Words of the air,

or images in stone?

We raise our eyes

in times of trouble,

Hoping that someone

is watching us below.

Hearts so heavy

we cannot bear them.

Seeking for the

buoyancy of hope.

Never quite avoiding

the edge of this world.

Seeking true North

on our journey home.

One might think

that we’ve been lost in this

for so long it is obvious

that we don’t know our consciousness

is everything we thought it is.

And we have lost the plot,

it seems.

From knowing how to read our dreams

to knowing what the stars can see.

We’ve forgotten reality.

We wake up each day,

muddle through the systems

as we tarnish our souls.

Trade sensation for wisdom,

knowing that there’s something

missing from our core.

We feel it in our bones.

Words in the air

and messages in stone.

What keeps us

on the treadmill,

running the unending race.

Slaving for the masters.

dying just to keep the pace.

It’s coming,

all this running

will set us free someday,

when we lay cold in our graves.

There is more to this

than just the day-to-day.

Ever wonder why you’re so afraid

to question anything our heroes say?

Conditioned to avoid,

just join the masquerade.

or listen to the yearning

of your soul.

The word is in the air.

It’s written in the stone.



DJR – 2023

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