Off Limits


Unfolding before you

the scene.

the future,

and the moment.

Mind racing to grab hold

of the next thing.

Static like a ladder rung,

or crumbling like a cliff face.

Going up or going down,

movement is inevitable.


the sensation

of rising,

of falling.

Straight elation.

doom and peril.

There is no existence here

without consequences

over time.

Rise and fall

like the tide,

or your chest

as you sleep,

as you breathe,

as I watch you dream.

Praying you wake,

reach out

and seize the day.

To get even a touch of it

is destiny.

To steal a taste

is heresy.

Devouring possibility

feeds your curiosity.

No one ever told you

that you

were a plane jumper.

Moving through worlds

on whatever level

you perceived.

A player,

not an NPC.

Do you believe

the future will unfold

just for you?

Is such a thing

even possible?

Nothing has ever been

off limits to you.



DJR – 2023

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