Thoughts Escape


Let me get this down

while it’s fresh in my mind.

Too late.

The thought seems to have escaped.

I tried,

but I failed.

Pretty common thing these days.

Half the things in my mind

seem to be trying to get away.

And that’s okay.

Why not let them go?

Still so much to learn,

so much to know.

Why not burn

a few memories.

light them up

and watch them glow.

Flying in whichever way

today’s breeze blows.

I have a few to spare

and who would care

if I just filled this whole world up

with escaped thoughts

and not even be aware.

After all,

ideas don’t take up much space.

They’re lighter than air.

I’ve gone on too long.

Didn’t let the world do me wrong.

At least,

not as much as I did.

Fell apart as a kid

and spent the rest of my life

trying to fit

a life back together,

but I had never

known what life to live.

Like a knife in the ribs.

Twice what I tried to have been.

Rose up,

froze up,

but learned how to forgive.

Or at least I tried to.

Wide view of a prairie morning.

Ignoring the life I’m losing

and choosing the sky for soaring.

The Earth is boring,

if it’s not full of ideas.

So, I’ll let a few become real

and feel no remorse

if the rest escape

in the course of this great reveal.

Life is just too short

to not feel




DJR – 2023

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