Thought Bubbles


There are things in the sky

that we cannot identify.

Try as we might,

we cannot achieve flight

to meet them eye to eye.

Their shape seems to change

based on the observer and the range.

One sees them clear

as they are near,

while others doubt such claims.

Conjecture as to what they are

and why they’re here.

Whether they are from the stars

as they so appear,

or if they are, perhaps

just a reflection of ourselves.

We watch the time elapse

as we each become someone else.

They’re here, so they can only mean us harm.

Scramble the fighter planes, sound the alarms.

We always seem to react

along the same, predictable tract,

but are we wrong to be cautious, and take up arms?

Have we always covered up the truth?

Made witnesses subject of ridicule.

We react quite crazy

when the details are hazy.

If all the facts came out, what would we do?

Watch as people murmur in their discontent.

Those who claim to know are always fools.

We can’t seem to deal with what’s in our own heads,

panicking at thought bubbles and word balloons.



DJR – 2023

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