Pushing up against me,

the boundaries

of your reality.

I though I was out here


Now I find

that I am in the multitude.

How am I supposed to be to you?

Each of us inside,

but outside ourselves.

Nothing you do

makes any sense.

I am so far removed from you

and your mind.

I feel like we’re both


but outside.

Are we under a sky?

Or are we just exposed

to the radiation of the cosmos?

I feel your emotions

ebb and flow,

as alien to me

as my own.

I reach out a hand

to test this space.

I see the look on your face

is fear,

and hope,

and hurt,

and yearning to be


but outside.

I can’t see through your eyes.

Can’t touch me with your skin.

I only know

what you share,

but where does one begin

to explain the pain

of life alone,

when on this rock

we call home

there are billions of us.

What can we do to trust,

before we self destruct?

My feelings

are reflected in you.

The only way I can view

this life

is through my eyes.

Trying to find you


but outside.



DJR – 2023

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