The Breakout


Hands speak.

Eyes question.

Mouth is a void,

chilling in its absence.

Ears open.

Mind full.

Evade the frog-march,

no predilection.

Thinking for yourself

is not a thing.

Programmed from the beginning.

Have to dash your head,

or dose your kind,

if you really want

to change your mind.

Hear the notes,

but lag on intonation.

Dance is deaf,

a skilful mimicry,

merely just a mechanism

for survival.

never heard a melody

in your life.

How do we get you

to the point of escaping?

Safely pull you out

the other side.

Not sure you’ll live through

the breakout.

Most don’t make it out of here


It might be better

if we just leave you

in your skin.

Blissfully trapped

in your illusion.

There is only so much we can do.

If you want to be free

you have to choose.

To be broken.

To be afraid.

To be awoken.

To be changed.

To hear the music

for the first time.

To feel with your skin

and see with your eyes,

if you make it through




DJR – 2023

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