In a Name


Take it as far back as you want to.

Anything you need to do

to find that sweet excuse

and absolve yourself

of the guilt in your veins.


Don’t hurry.

I’ll wait.

I’m looking forward to seeing

the look on your face

as your mind travels back

into the past,

and all you find

is miles

and miles

of black.

You have lived your life

under the finger

of one big emotional trigger.

You drown your demons,

drug your angels,

fucked anything that moved,

and laughed at danger.

But now,

as you survey

the crumbling borders

of your sanity,

you realize

that there is no escape

from the shackles of responsibility.

And those regrets

will be the chains you bear in Hell.

The trapped look in your eye

says that you know the Devil well

and you have felt his hand

upon your heart.

But do you understand

that this could be the start

of some new thing?

Right now.

The keys lay in reach.

You should be the one person

I don’t have to teach

about falling

and getting back up again.

Just lift your eyes a little higher

this time, my friend

and then,

I see it on your face.

You know this is the time

and the place

to escape that shame,

and hate,

and pain.

So much power in a name.



DJR – 2023

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