Run up the bill of a lifetime,

just to deal with the consequences.

So much has been said,

and even more forgotten.

Do you remember when

your dreams were yours alone,

and you stepped out that door

onto the path that got you here?

Who were you

when you first imagined

that you could be

a little bit more than this?

Time does more than cast a shadow

on the past,

it measures how we exist.

Laugh it off.

Grey hairs and slow recall.

You know the march is picking up its step.

Who were they to ever tell you

who you were, or who you weren’t.

The bill was never going

to be theirs to pay.

So, here it is.

And here you are.

Time and space,

meeting at this apex.

It’s all going to settle out from here.

It’s clear

this is the day, the moment.

A whole life

distilled down to this

one perfect instant.

This is where you choose

which reality

you will call your own.


yes or no?

Know that you still have

far to go.

One more step up to another door.

open it and go through.

The life beyond this one

is yours, too.

They’re gonna tell you

who you are

and where you’re going,

but they’ll never take a step

in your shoes.

This is all for you.

You just have to choose

to keep on going.



DJR – 2023

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