Summer Songs


Presence comes and goes.

Here today, tomorrow unknown.

Waiting for the day

the garden grows

and we’re all back at home.

Fade away the scars of circumstance.

You put on some music and we’ll dance.

Try to forget,

try to forgive,

or just live in this life we’re in.

Take away thoughts of doing anything

that might ruin winter for the spring.

Finding ourselves between each breath.

Time is all right now, not what’s left.

I know I’ll never make up for my past

if I let another moment like this pass.

You in my arms

and sunlight streaming through.

It’s amazing what a little time can do.

I admit that I have been afraid

of losing time, of losing days.

That’s why I’m holding on so hard right now.

As the song hits the chorus

and I spin you around.

Then bring you close,

as we savor every note.

Every second,

as the time stand still,

and the sunlight shines until

the song is over,

but we don’t let go.

We still have summer songs

that we both know.



DJR – 2023

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