Fun House


Finding my face

turning away.

Trying to get straight

my angles of escape.

Light shifts and time makes

things clearer than before,

while others fade into the distance,

not the same view anymore.

Spent so much time avoiding

the pain of reconciliation.

I started to miss forward.

Caught up in my hesitation.

Past and passing.

Always clockwise.

Turns my head into a whirlpool,

and I’m just spinning,



my tires.

Never breaking from the start line.

Hall of mirrors

always showing

what it is behind me,

but it always gets it backwards.

Turn to look,

but I can’t find me.

I’ve been more than disappointed,

let down by the light itself.

The person that it showed me

turned out to be someone else.

Sweeping up another shattered failure.

Cleaning up another fine excuse.

All these things are happening to me,

and I know they’re happening to you.

So, when I reach out,

don’t try to hide this time.

Just close your eyes

and take your hand in mine,

and pull me through the mirror,

in and out the other side,

and make me a reflection

I can finally recognize.

Perception used to be a prison,

but I am free now.

I can do the impossible,

propelled forward and out.

No longer looking over my shoulder,

finding myself just spinning around.

Broken glass providing traction

for this new way I have found.

I’m going to make it

out of this

fun house.



DJR – 2023

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