February March


Got to keep the fire fed.

Can’t afford a break down.

Winter comes around again,

breathing that frozen breath.

Stop here and we will die.

Final as our last words.

Got to keep the fire going,

otherwise, we end up dead.

One way or another,

I’d like to open my eyes

and see summer.

So, this thing has to keep going

even when it’s dark and snowing.

Make me want to give it up.

Just a string of bad luck.

Whiskey in my cup,

gonna have to be enough.

Got to keep the fire fed.

Wood, coal, and gasoline.

Brighter than a full moon.

Rollin’ hard and runnin’ clean.

We’re gonna make it, yet.

Keep the bad thoughts out of my head.

Summer’s around the next bend.

Just got to keep the fire fed.



DJR – 2023

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