The Apprentice


Searching the sky for You,

finding only amorphous clouds.

No pareidolia today,

no secret patterns in the program found.

Looks like it’s just me today.

Gonna have to make it on my own.

So far from were I’ve been

and still so long to go.

Remember when You taught me magic?

How to see between the hands and eyes.

There is always something I don’t perceive,

something deeper in the designs.

Layered like an onion,

peeling to get so far down,

but truth brings tears, this is certain.

That’s how I’m sitting here right now.

No escaping the fact that You are here.

I am under this endless sky.

You made me in your image,

so You must be a curious as I.

Nothing in the great white billows,

but wind and water.

I sit amongst the grass and trees,

knowing that somehow all of this is me

and in this creation I am fathered,

searching for what purpose I might be,

and there You are. 



DJR – 2023

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