Why have you brought to me


such symmetry?

Oppose my experience

in poverty

with prosperity.

Feed my hunger,

break my fast.

End my penance,

bleeding for my past.

How dare you shift my vision



and away?

How could you bandage my wounds

and take away the pain?

I hear you say,

“Everything is gonna be okay.”

and I break

in all the right ways.

Why would you pick me up

from the ground?

Clean off the mud an shit

to see what you have found.

Fix me, polish me,

put me on display,

like you were proud

and never know just how profound

of a change

you have wrought in me.


I now might know some symmetry.

Another side

to a coin I didn’t have.

A joining of two halves

to make a lost soul glad

to be here

for the first time

in my short life.

Seeing  a whole world outside

where before I was all inside,

lost to the tides,

and lies

that kept me dying and unsatisfied.

How true of you

to bring me light

and let shine this fire of mine,

that before was used only to destroy,

now illuminates with joy,

and reveals traps to avoid.

How have you come

into my life

to complete

a circle

I never knew could be?



DJR – 2023

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