Why do you still look down

on the ground that consumed

your melancholy?

You were wide awake last night,

searching for some new energy.

Lift your face to the sky.

Try to remember the stars.

There is so much

that you have gained

and lost

in this world,

trying to account for it all

must feel just like madness.

I don’t know why you’d try.

Can’t figure out the gains.

You fall apart sometimes,

but don’t bother to pick up the pieces.

Hey, you.

I see that this place

is finally done

breaking you down,

like a kill.

Maybe it’s time

you finally decide

what parts of you

you want to feel.

Are you still

pining away

for things that never were?

I see so many things in you

that were

and are

worth fighting for.

You just have to decide

that you

want to live.

You turn your head,

eyes wide,

and I can see starlight

in your hands,

an old memory.

I see you smile

for the first time

in a long while,

and you back

straightens up

as you sook skyward.

I think

you’re gonna be alright.


I think

you’re gonna be just fine.



DJR – 2023

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