Road magic


Seeking part of me in this.

Never what I thought I was.

Clashing with my ego.

Abandoning reason for love.

Two paths,

leading to the same grave.

A biathlon

I will ride.

One thing becoming another,

as I walk through this life.

Follow the dreams.

it all seems


but the possible

doesn’t seem relevant


All those loose threads

and dead-end paths

are on fire

as we descend.

I remember feeling

the high arc

of the parabola.

We could reach up

and touch the stars.

These days we need rockets

to go places

we used to get to in our cars.

I know this

is just a wave

of the dragon’s tail.

A single beat

of an eagle’s wings.

Incredible to think

of what I have seen so far.

Curious to see

what today brings.

Uncovering the past

and discovering the future.

One path,

two directions.

Each way leads to a discovery,

but only one way

leads me home.



DJR – 2023

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