High Horses


What’s the matter?

Are you not finding

what you wanted here?

You were so certain

that life your yours to bear.

Years of disappointment

and now you just don’t care.

Do you even dream


Or is life just a nightmare?

Sit back with your silent eyes

and speak small words

that are easy to decipher.

Never one of the defectors

you stayed in your lane.

Birthed of consequences,

it was easy to ride high

on the changing tides,

because I don’t know

what you paid to stay alive.

I think it cost you everything.

We all make deals

in our darkest moments

and from those we evolve.

Never thought I’d ever see

fear upon your face.

You always played

a step above it all.

High horses

are lonely,

and dreams are in the clouds.

You can stay up there

only so long,

they only come true

on the ground.

Hope you’re okay.

Hope I see you around.

Forever is a very long time

to chase a love down.

Things change,

that’s the only thing

that ever stays the same.

We roll with the punches,

or the world unplugs our game.

Laugh at every joke

and every mistake

and take everything you can away.

High horses are lonely

and it’s all long way to fall,

but you sure do get

a good view of it all.



DJR – 2023

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