Tying to make it all add up

to you.

Subtle kinds of equations

with hidden integers

I miss every time.

Look across the room to you,

like I’m seeing high art

for the first time

in my life.

Beggar of a rich man.

Cretin of a savant.

Shatter every expectation

that I have ever had

of myself

and call me “Fool’s gold.”

Never wrong in an instant.

Tough to pin you down.

How did you figure out

such a strong defense

from the ground?

Smash me like a mirror.


I’m a thousand tiny reflections.

Each one failing

to return to you

your true image.

Make me a believer.

I am always apostate

and impoverished

in my simple ways.

I disperse

and return.

Like morning mist

after a hard rain.

Cloud around you,

trying to decipher your state.

Failing again,

but never abstaining.

Always the first one through the door,

because you are always there

on the other side,

waiting to be discovered.

A mystery in any color.



DJR – 2023

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