Reblog Wednesday – “Asleep on a Train”


What if life is the dream and death is waking, and we just move from dream to dream, life to life, never noticing when we wake up?

A person falls asleep on a train. The train keeps moving while they sleep. Eventually, the train reaches its destination, and the person wakes and gets off. How do they know that the place they’re getting off is the correct place? If they were asleep for the journey, then how do they know that the place they are currently in is really their intended destination, and not some other place that looks the same?

“Asleep on a Train” is a piece that tries to capture the idea of “Impermanence”. Nothing ever stays the same. Sure, every day we wake up on planet Earth, the sky looks the same, but really our planet has been moving in its orbit, around a Sun that is moving in its galaxy, and that galaxy is moving within the ever-expanding universe, so in reality, we’re never in the same place, and we’re never looking at the same sky.

Another concept that I love to explore is the idea of our brains being quantum computers that at the smallest level actually operate outside of space/time. What if some dreams were parts of our consciousness getting glimpses of other parallel universes, or slipping through time? What if every time we fell asleep, we shifted a little bit between universes, waking up in different realities each time, but not knowing it, because the variability was so slight.

I know. It’s some crazy “Quantum Leap” Scott Bakula type shit. But that’s where my mind goes sometimes.

Check out, “Asleep on a Train” here: Asleep on a Train – Hokus Grey

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