Undiscovered Country


Holding in

and holding out.

Waiting on the dawn,

this most perfect moment.

All of me,

or nothing at all.

Scales fall away

from my eyes

and bring a balance

to this war of mine.

Falling to pieces.

Knowing what peace is.

Something new awaits,

but I was born afraid

and never learned to be brave,

only desperate.

No pieces left.

The package empty.

Plain white wrapper,

refuse discarded.

Chosen by the wind.

to land

in fertile soil.

Time to spin.

Time to spend.

life like

a drunken sailor.

The Universe

holds no reserves,

just undiscovered country.

If we look

hard enough

we find

traces of civilization


we just never recognize it.

Going out


no part of me remains.


Where I am now,

a memory.

The day is here,

even if the Sun

has not yet risen.

and I’m

ready to receive.


ready to give.




DJR – 2023

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