If there’s gonna be trouble,

let’s just get it started now.

I already know

the wrong thing

will be the first thing

out of my mouth.

I’m not gonna lie

and I’m not gonna try

to hurt you

in all those selfish ways

we can devise.

I just wanna talk

until we cry

and each of us can see

the other’s side.

Because I rather

get back to laughing,

back to living,

and everything after

is a blessing,

but if there’s gonna be trouble,

let’s get it over with.

I don’t want to waste

another moment

on this shit,

when we could be

living in bliss.

Not sure why we even bother with

suffering and screaming

at each other

like one of us can win

without the other losing everything.

I’m not very good

at relationships.

I used to break

all my mistakes,

I admit.

I’ve got a lot to learn

about al this.

So, if there’s gonna be trouble,

let’s just get on with it.

I want to get back to

loving you

and how we exist.



I don’t want to miss

a single moment.

Why should we live in torment?

every good thing in the world

is in your kiss.

If there’s gonna be trouble,

it’s okay,

because I’ll never quit.

For me, there’ll never be

any getting over this.



DJR – 2023

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