Making Mountains


Shouting to a stone

to move.

Might a well

scream underwater

and expect the fish

to understand

my frustration.

Why waste

my breath?

I’m not getting you to change.

I am a creature

of my habits,

just like you and yours.

Push the rock back up the hill.

Punishment for seeking visions.

Transmute matter to evolve.

Carve of stone,

a living sculpture.

Intonate the resonance

of tiny quartz and calcite crystals,

making mountains out of nothing.

This is the difference between us.

I am not trying to stay

here in this

static formation.

I am trying to find the faith.

to make

my own mountain range.

Feel the Earth shake.

The rising of the plates.

I don’t have a million years,

so please, forgive my haste.

Why push a single stone,

or carve a granite block?

When one could change the world

with just a thought.

Wasting my breath

trying to change

you mind.

It would be easier

to change the whole outside.

Even then

you would deny

there was anything wrong

with your kind.

Avalanches and lava flows.

All things change,

to stay the same is impossible.

Try as you may,

but time will change your face.

I’ll be out there

changing too,

bringing a new

mountain range

into view.



DJR – 2023

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