Love Your Hate


Love your hate.

Embrace it,

but only for a moment.

Revel in it,

for there is something in it

that is irrevocably “You”.

Let it exist.

Your anger

at the cold heart.

of the world.

The carelessness

with which you are

abused and discarded.

The ambivalence

of sickness

and of death.

Love your hate.

But release it,

once you can open your hands.

You cannot hold it,

for you know

that it will rot you

like a cancer.

Consume you,

like a lonely fire.

Love your hate.

For this world will take

everything you love.

In those cold, dark moments

you will wish the worst.

But know,

that if you love your hate,

the world will take that, too.



DJR – 2023

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