Have you ever heard the words

that speak deep into your soul?

Has their timbre ever changed you?

Has their meaning ever meant


Breathe in the air,

hold it in my lungs,

so briefly.

Let the soft kiss

of life

fill me from within.

Then, I exhale.

Body transpires carbon dioxide,

and on its way out

it moves thorough my larynx,

where my vocal cords hum

in intonation

and I introduce vibration

into my exhalation,

across my tongue,

which gives the tone a twist,

and then

on my lips,

every word a kiss.

I am speaking to you.

But I am doing more,

because every vibration

that I create

changes the world around me.

Like ripples in a pond,

they radiate out.

Can they harm?

Can they heal?

Yes. Both of those,

and more.

They can also make war,

and instill peace.

They can inspire,

or discourage,

but most of all

they can communicate my soul.

Digging into my subconscious,

trying to find words,


and from the source.

No taint of hesitation,

just pure communication

from  me

to you.

Have you ever spoken the words

that exist in the eternal parts of you?

Do you know that this reality

was spoken into existence, too?

There was a first Word,

a first thought,

and that first vibration

still echoes

in us.



DJR – 2023

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