ReBlog Wednesday – “Lodestone”

Lodestone – Hokus Grey


We all carry it around. For some of us, it is small enough to fit into our pocket. Just a trinket. Some small reminder of where we’ve been, what we’ve done, and the lessons learned. For others, it is a pebble in their shoe. A mere annoyance, that over time, grinds a hole in our sole, making it painful to move forward. And for some, it is a boulder on their back. A great weight that must be borne each morning, carried through the day and with time it grows larger, and heavier.


Call it “Sin,” or “Guilt,” or “Regret”. You may know it as “Loss”, or “Grief”, or “Shame”. It may be socially applied, some cruel fate, no fault of your own, yet still oppressed upon you. Or it may be the consequence of a lifetime of errors. Bad judgement. Mistakes. Wrong choices. A single misstep in life that lead to a cascade of failure, after failure, after failure.


“Lodestone” is about how we hang on to the things that hold us down, hold us back, and punish us for our pasts. It describes these negative things as themes that are restraining us, or to be more precise, things that we use restrain ourselves. When our entire set of interactions with the world are framed through the lens of a certain focus, we cannot imagine life without it. We use our past sins, guilt, shame, and trauma as an excuse to not realize our potential, because like it or not, we have allowed those “lodestones” to become our identity.


Just a thought. We can let go. I know it isn’t easy, but it can be done. It happens every day.

As the tide rises around us, know that it is in our nature to rise with it. We are strong and resilient creatures. What is holding you down? What could you do to let go of it? What have you attached yourself to that is holding you back?

We only have so much time. Why should we spend it carrying about our past mistakes, or circumstances?

Check out “Lodestone” and tell me what you think in the comments.


Be safe.

Be well.

Much Love.



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