Mental Health Monday – 02.05.23


Another Monday.

Yeah. I know.

You looked at your phone this morning, and the negativity was there, waiting for your eyes to find it so it could get inside your head.

Work awaits. The office politics. The clients who don’t take the advice they’re paying you for, and the coworkers who bring even more negativity and drama.

Family. Money. Health. Sickness. Kids need this. Spouse needs that. Everyone has a want and a need that must supercede yours.

Or, there’s the absence. The lonely emptiness. The weekend pursuit of hedonistic pleasure and wanton lust have found you out on this cool, February morning. You have today ahead of you, but what’s the point? More drugs, more booze, more sex? Is there anything else?

Yes. Yes, there is. More than you can possibly imagine.

We are self-programmable machines. We’re interesting creatures. We can convince ourselves that almost anything is true. Everything that goes on inside our heads is controllable and manipulable by us.

Our parents program us. Schools program us. The government and advertisers damn sure program us, so what’s stopping us from programming ourselves?

I choose to start with today. I am going to reject the anxiety and negativity of media, the outside world, and circumstance, and look at the opportunities that are in front of me today. I’m going to choose to take a path that leads me to a different place than where I am right now. I am not going to reject the reality that I find myself in, but I will not let it dictate how I feel, how I act, or what I do about it. The decision is mine.

I will have the best Monday I can.

I hope you can, too.

Have a great week.

Be safe.
Be well.
Much Love.


Also, if it is in you to do so, please say a prayer for the citizens of Turkey  who have suffered 2 major 7.8 earthquakes in the past 12 hours. My thoughts are with them.

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