Double Slit Experiment


Seeing the world

through broken fence boards,

getting only

pieces of the picture.

Trying to build structure

in this world

through imagination

and conjecture.

Feeling the touch

of mountain air

through layers

of synthetic fabrics.

Might have been there,

but experienced

none of the true benefits.

Cut off,


from our lives.

Feeling out our own


for the first time.

What is it to live,

not merely survive?

Why do we

always seek

to find the ties that bind?




So close to the truth,

but we believe a lie.

one and one

make two,

or three, or more.

We are creatures who multiply.

Builders of society,

and family,

and truths we now deny.

It is

as if

we are woven into

the universe.

Were we made for it,

or it for us?

There are no facts

to be certain of.

We have done so much

with such narrow

incomplete views.

Open to this experience

and become something new.

You and I

have not yet begun

to see

what kind of world we’re on.



DJR – 2023

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