Oral History


Tell me one of your

beautiful stories.

Sing me one of your

wonderful songs.

I have been left here

with nothing but sorrow.

I have been left weak

in the land of the strong.

Show me the breadth

and the depth of creation.

Show me the valleys

and show me the sky.

I want to see all

above and below me.

I want to be there.

I want to know why.

We trap ourselves

in these lives of distraction.

Busy our minds

with material things.

When all our hearts

could experience wonder,

tasting the fruit

curiosity brings.

We close our eyes.

We close our minds.

Silent and blind.

How can this be life?

Show me what you bring.

Tell me everything.

We exist here

more than just inside.

Open your eyes

and describe me your vision.

Wake from your slumber

and tell me your dreams.

Start at the heart

and depart at the ending

and I will live with you

in the space between.

We are

more than just stars.

We are

more than our start.

We are

the light in our hearts.

Tell me a story

of whom you would be,

If your life

touched infinity.

Sing me

the song in your soul.

The one

that nobody knows.



DJR – 2023

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